Wilde Brothers Engineering


Wilde Bros. Engineering Ltd. is subsidiary of Wilde Brothers Farms and as such has a proud history of irrigation in Southern Alberta for over 100 years.  Wilde Bros. Engineering is a consulting engineering firm providing a multitude of affordable engineering services and design in Southern Alberta since its inception in 2004.  With its office located in Raymond, Alberta, Wilde Bros. Engineering provides a high level of service regardless of project size and budget. The firm began by designing irrigation infrastructure for the Raymond Irrigation District and has had a firm base in the irrigation industry ever since. We have since grown to include municipal works and other engineering projects. Wilde Bros. Engineering designs various projects including, but not limited to:

  1. Land Development

  2. Road Design

  3. Municipal Infrastructure Design

  4. Construction Management

  5. Infrastructure Studies

  6. GIS Information

  1. Pipeline Design

  2. Open Channel Design

  3. Pump Station Design and Retrofitting

  4. Flow Monitoring

  5. Stormwater Management Analysis

  6. Wastewater Systems